Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your sessions?
I usually work for 60 minutes. Sometimes when we agree to a longer session, we can move to 90 minutes or 2 hours, which are prorated. Sometimes clients come in from out of town for 3 hours or more.

How long does treatment usually last?
It varies according to each client’s needs. I have occasionally done one- or two-session therapy with favorable outcomes, but this short time is unusual. Therapy can vary from once or twice a week from 2 months to 5-6 years. Complex and difficult issues require a regular commitment to psychotherapy to assure that genuine progress can be made.

Sometimes people come for 3 or 4 months, leave, and then come back periodically. I still see some patients I saw 30 years ago. We grow together.

Can I come every other week?
At the beginning of treatment I prefer that people come once a week to develop momentum. As things move along and you have achieved some of your goals, when it feels appropriate we can move to every other week, then once a month, then whenever needed over the years.

Do you do hypnosis with every patient?
I do formal hypnosis and formal inductions with patients who request them. I believe that successful therapy has hypnosis elements. There are very many levels on which we connect, including unconscious levels. I think therapy is successful when the client and I tune into each other on the same level. Sometimes this is in everyday conversation; it is called conversational hypnosis. I think all great communication goes to levels and depths beyond the conscious level of awareness. This is because 85% of communication is nonverbal, according to research. When people work together there is a rhythm. We work in sync, which some people would call hypnosis.

Do you take insurance?
I have not been on any insurance list as a provider. I have been a non-provider with certain insurance companies that my clients have and I fill-in the necessary forms.

Do you charge if I do not show up?
When someone has a legitimate problem or becomes ill, or something unexpected happens, of course I do not charge. If someone forgets and does not give me 24 hours advance notice, as their therapist I will charge. Sometimes if we can make it up during the next several days, I will not charge them.

Do you do sessions over the phone?
In times of crisis I am available by phone at all hours and on weekends, and I do sessions on the phone.

If I have a regularly scheduled appointment, do I have to pay for the time when I go on vacation?
No, as long as I get notified 24 hours ahead of time.

What if I want to do couples therapy but my partner doesn’t want to come in?

When this happens I will see the individual partner who wants to come in alone, and I offer to speak with his or her partner on the telephone so he or she can get a sense of who I am and to leave the door open for him or her to come in.

Sometimes when the partner in therapy shows some kind of change, the absent partner becomes curious and will accept the invitation. This can be a gradual process.

If your partner continues to refuse to come, it gives us more grist for the mill for you to explore your own response to the situation. You can continue to improve how you handle your own communication. I would keep the invitation open.

If the client will come by himself or herself and wants to continue as an individual, I then continue his or her treatment and in addition refer the two of them to a colleague to work together as a couple.

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